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Sun Safe Colorado

Sun Safe States

The purpose of the Sun Safe States web program is to provide your state's health department with a single complete resource for families, school, and employer related sun protection information that is accurate, current, state-specific and easy to understand. From day one, staff will be able to provide complete, accurate resources without the burden or cost of researching, developing and distributing a sun protection program. Your state's families, schools and employers can have 24-hour access to strategies for sun protection, as well as guidelines for how to build and implement their own sun protection policy.

In brief, the Sun Safe States web program covers:

  • UV radiation facts
  • Detailed prevention strategies
  • Early detection strategies
  • Policy assessment and planning
  • Customized resources for your state

Affordable Accurate Information
Frequently, when a person has a question about a non-emergency health issue like sun protection and skin cancer, they turn to the Internet. Give it a try. A quick search on these topics can provide enough information from government and commercial sources to overwhelm even experienced Internet users. Sun Safe States was created by respected researches in the field of sun protection, assembling all the current verified research that people request into one easy to understand, easy to reference web resource.

This program was not produced as a marketing piece or as a vehicle to solicit vendor sponsors. It was developed with funding from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cooperative agreement U55/CCU821947-05, the Comprehensive Cancer Program at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Colorado Department of Education, and all of the content on the web site has been reviewed and edited by skin cancer experts on Colorado's Skin Cancer Task Force. The full program was designed and developed solely to provide accurate sun protection information and tools in a simple, inexpensive program that is easy for states to implement as their own.

Sun Safe States provides accurate state-specific information at a cost efficient price, giving your health department all of the credit for meeting the requirements of your Comprehensive Cancer Plan.