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Sunny Days, Healthy Ways® Sun Safety
Written Curriculum for Grades K-5

Why teach students about sun safety? We receive 80% of our lifetime UV exposure before age 18. Even one severe sunburn in childhood can DOUBLE the risk of melanoma later in life. Skin cancer can be prevented! This curriculum will raise awareness about the dangers of the sun, as well as teach children how to be sun safe.

  • Proven effective for students in grades K – 5
  • Cross-curricular activities target science, health, language arts, math and social studies
  • Meets national science and health education standards
  • Developed and evaluated through national education grants
  • Includes cross-platform Acrobat Reader files for easy downloading and printing (teacher lesson plans, student activity masters and 3 color storybooks), 5 UV detector cards for hands-on experiments and a FREE Sun-Safe School Guide.

The Sunny Days, Healthy Ways® written curriculum is currently in use in North Carolina, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, California, Arizona, Indiana, Florida, and Canada.

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