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Sunny Days, Healthy Ways® Sun Safety Grades K-5 Interactive
programs - (sold separately)

The interactive programs are grade level appropriate and tailor information to the user based on risk for sunburn and skin cancer.

  • The grades K-1 program teaches children that their skin type affects how easily the sun can damage their skin and cause a sunburn.
  • The grades 2-3 program elaborates on this concept and teaches children that where they live and how much UV they are exposed to also affects how quickly the sun can damage their skin.
  • The grades 4-5 program takes users through a child-appropriate skin cancer risk assessment and reinforces or encourages sun-safe behaviors based on children’s current sun safety habits.

All three interactive programs contain fun educational activities and animated movies about playing in the shade, wearing cover-up clothes, and using sunscreen appropriately. The interactive programs can be used to enhance the written curriculum or as stand alone activities.

Thousands of the Sunny Days, Healthy Ways® interactive programs have been purchased for use in Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, and California.

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