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Sharing Our Work

Sunny Days, Healthy Ways Curriculum for K-5, and 6-8

Market: Schools

Audience: Children

Commercially available

Live Fit on Campus

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Market: University health services

Audience: College students

Commercially available

Dissemination and outreach are often the specific aims of our research projects. We strive to not simply build evidence-based products but to get these programs and research findings into the hands of the people who need them most. In addition to our internal public relations, marketing, and multimedia expertise, we work with marketing firms, such as Wedge Communications LLC, in our efforts to license and commercialize our technology programs and to reach our target markets. We also provide technology and health communication expertise to outside entities. That expertise includes technology transfer, copyrights, and international consortia collaborations.

Key Business Developments

  • 10 products licensed or sold
  • 5 products in progress toward commercialization
  • 3 registered trademarks

Building Partnerships


way to serve screen grab

Market: States

Audience: Servers of alcoholic beverages

Commercially available

Nutrition Fun

Analyze my plate screen shot

Licensed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Audience: General population

One of Klein Buendel’s strengths is our ability to build strong and lasting partnerships with a diverse network of associations to disseminate our programs. For example, one of Klein Buendel’s most successful multi-institutional research teams has been working together for 14 years. Examples of our partnerships include the following:

  • The BACCHUS Network. In collaboration with The BACCHUS Network, we created PingMyHealth, an online health risk assessment, and the Real e Quit smoking cessation program for young adults. Currently, CO Quit Mobile, a text messaging and smart phone application for young adult smokers in Colorado is available for purchase through Apple and Android app stores.
  • Produce for Better Health Foundation. With this trade industry organization, we developed and marketed programs that encouraged increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  • Rocky Mountain Sunscreen. Klein Buendel has teamed with this company to cross market our sun safety programs with compatible skin care products.

WaytoServe©: A Story of Collaboration and Successful Dissemination

Klein Buendel’s multimedia expertise and prolific research experience are two reasons we are asked to partner on projects. In addition to research, we can develop the multimedia components a principal investigator envisions for a behavioral intervention or product. That was the case with WayToServe©.

Dr. William G. (Gill) Woodall, Senior Scientist with the Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions at University of New Mexico, collaborated with Klein Buendel to develop two responsible beverage service (RBS) training websites and to conduct randomized trials to evaluate them.

The NIAAA-funded projects (AA014982 and AA014982-A; W. G. Woodall) included the creation of a training website for alcohol servers in on-premise situations and a second follow-on website to be used for off-premise retail sellers of alcohol. Over the next several years, Klein Buendel, Dr. Woodall, and the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation developed and tested the training program for servers. Klein Buendel's creative services developed the web programs, and Dr. David Buller shared his expertise in study design and analysis. Klein Buendel continues to work with Dr. Woodall on the development of the follow-up website for retail sellers of alcohol.

The WayToServe© program is currently licensed in New Mexico. To date, over 10,000 users have purchased Way to Serve training. Wedge Communications LLC manages the sale of the program, and plans are underway for Way to Serve to be licensed and sold in Texas, Washington, Oregon, and other states.