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About Us

In 2002, Mary Buller and Aimee Giese, both formerly of AMC Cancer Research Center, decided to strike out on their own and create Klein Buendel, Inc., a health communications firm specializing in the research and development of programs to change behavior and educate communities about health promotion and disease prevention.

Where did the name Klein Buendel come from? Klein is Mary's maiden name and Bunch was Aimee's - which is Buendel in German. Klein Buendel means "small bunch," which they felt was appropriate for their small bunch of people with big ideas.

KB Venn

Throughout the rest of the 2000's, KB continued their research and technological efforts by developing several evidence - based products through their health communications research, multimedia development and graphic design efforts.

In early 2011, Aimee moved on to pursue other interests leaving Mary as primary owner of the company. That same year, KB expanded each of their four groups: Administration, Creative, Data and Research.

While the company is still a small-business, KB is one big team that works together across groups and strives to be a leading edge health communication organization that supports and enhances the whole person.